HACIENDA is pleased to feature the work of local Austin artists at our flagship boutique with exclusive, limited run engagements. We welcome artists working in a variety of media consistent with the modern ranch aesthetic of HACIENDA Collection. We support their work with an opening night reception, cross marketing, and knowledgeable in store support.

Artists interested in being featured, please contact us at .

Currently featuring:

Carli Kiene with Inked Fingers – Art Photography

Inked Fingers began as a husband and wife creative team in 2007, John and Carli, based in Austin, TX.  Carli’s first love was words (words and glossy magazines and well-told stories) and that is where the company’s name came from. She dreamed of becoming an English teacher and reciting Sill’sOpportunity to passionate students, but along the path to print journalism, she happened upon a camera. The photo path was an easier route to telling stories (or so she perceived at the time, while wondering what uninteresting beats she’d have to cover at the local paper.) So instead of getting paid to pen with inked fingers, she started a photography company, all at the encouragement of her then boyfriend, now husband + business partner.

Other Featured Artists have included:



Leslie Addison & George Yerger – Photography and Mixed Media

George Yerger and Leslie Addison are photographers and mixed media artists from New Orleans who have recently relocated to Austin.  Their work is included in the permanent collections of The Museum of Fine Arts Houston; The Mississippi Museum of Art, Jackson, MS; The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans; The Louisiana Arts and Science Museum, Baton Rouge; The High Museum of Art in Atlanta and The New Orleans Museum of Art.


Erica Wildman – Painter

Erica Wildman is an artist without boundaries who aims to provide a memorable experience for viewers by evoking emotions through her art. Using a variety of media including acrylic, plaster and glass beads, Erica’s art is organic, bold and colorful. For more information please visit



petraruppPetra Rupp – Artist and Designer

Inspired by her love for her own pup, India, Petra Rupp shares her joy for animals by bringing your favorite furrry friend to life on canvas.  An artist and designer, she is fueled by creative passion and offers a variety of other aesthetic services. For more information, please visit



Ginger Grasley

Ginger Grasley – Acrylic and Metal Guitar Art

Ginger Grasley is a 5th generation Texan currently living in Austin.  She works with acrylic and metal on wood to create historically significant music instruments. She combines an energetic use of color and metal to capture the raw energy and power of the subject’s instrument.  For more information, please visit



Richard Reynolds PhotographyRichard Reynolds – Photographer

Richard Reynolds has been photographing Texas landscapes since 1968. His photographs have a unique look, frequently being mistaken for oil paintings, and he is widely considered to be one of the top photographers of his genre in the state.  For more information, please visit www.



JacobColburnArtJacob Colburn – Copper Metal Sculptor

Born in Austin, Texas, Jacob Colburn was raised in the arts by his father, renowned metal sculptor Daryl G. Colburn. In 2007, Jacob began an apprenticeship under his father and also began creating on his own. Together they started Colburn Studios and began showcasing their art in many galleries and shows.  For more information, please visit



Cody David BauerCody David Bauer

Cody David Bauer was raised just outside of Whitefish Montana and Glacier National Park. His tenacious love for creation and burning passion for color has been taking form on canvas since he was 13. His abstract and surreal paintings are ambiguous enough to allow each viewer to use their own imagination to create narrative. For more information, please visit